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15. 11. 2013 - 13:47

Bright Young Things

Reality Check Special: Four teenagers represent Austria at the International Science Expo 2013 in Abu Dhabi.

Science Expo Team
Team Austria at the International Science Expo 2013: Vanessa Majnaric, Dominik Hansabut, Luisa Schrempf, Casey Zachariah

In September of this year, history was made.
An unbelievably amazing physics teacher, after jumping through countless hurdles, succeeded in sending a team representing Austria FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, to The International Science Expo, an event that has been promoting the sciences to young people for well over 25 years.
This year's expo was held in Abu Dhabi and thanks largely to Juanina Oppel-Equiluz at the AHS Theodor-Kramer-Straße the teens you see above had the adventure of a lifetime! The young scientists presented their individual projects and collected these impressions:

Casey Zachariah (18)

My experience at ESI 2013, in Abu Dhabi was surreal. Meeting people from all around the world and sharing thoughts and ideas was a lot of fun. Presenting to a variety of individuals of all age groups expanded my confidence, since I was passionate and thorough with my subject knowledge. I really enjoyed working on my project, “Resistance in Swimming” since I could relate to it and because I myself am a hobby swimmer. I am very thankful for all the support from my family and teachers and humbled and honoured by having had the opportunity of representing Austria on an international level. The experience at the Expo made me grow in an intellectual and social way and I realise that there is such a broad spectrum of sciences yet to be explored.

The girls take in the Abu Dhabi view. Vanessa Majnaric (16)

The ESI 2013 was a life-changing event for me. Our team of four made friends, with each other, and with many other participants from so many different countries around the world. We shared our discoveries, experiments and the many, many hours of hard and (very often frustrating) work spent on our projects. But I have to say, it was worth it. Telling other people about my project, watching teachers, students and the general public's enthusiasm for one common theme – the wonders of science. I will never forget those few inspiring days spent in Abu Dhabi, and am grateful for the opportunities opened up to me by the Science Expo.

Luisa Schrempf (14)

My best experience in Abu Dhabi was meeting so many new people. It was nice to get out of my usual life and into something new, where everything that happened was unexpected. The trip made me see how going out of your own comfort zone is absolutely worth it. Getting on the plane that was off to Abu Dhabi was totally out of my comfort zone but I have no regrets what so ever. I will always remember that, especially when I have doubts about doing something different.

Dominik Hansabut(14) representing Austria at the Abu Dhabi International Science ExpoDominik Hansabut (14)

The Expo was amazing and no one really wanted to go home. There were a few mind-blowing projects. The organizers tried to do their best by making good food and organizing fabulous trips. My personal opinion is that it has really enriched my life and I will do my best to be there at the next Expo to meet my new friends again.




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